Information about Medical.Anglihel.com

This site is dedicated to anyone who wants to improve their "medical English", whether they are a doctor, nurse, or dentist, or even a medical student. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive and extensive array of learning materials to improve a healthcare professionals English fluency. We understand that your time is valuable and in short supply, so our aim is to make the material flexible enough that you can study what you are interested in, will be engaged and thus, will learn more. This site is for anyone learning Medical English, but especially for the dedicated Mongolian doctors, nurses, dentists and medical students working so hard to keep Mongolia healthy and happy.

Jim bagsh: creator, project leader, and teacher

Jim bagsh, an American from Kansas City, taught in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia for many years. Besides being certified to teach ESL (English as a Second Language), he has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physical Therapy. Jim worked in an acute care hospital for 13 years and 2 years in a long-term-care facility, working in all departments such as ICU, oncology, cardiology, geriatrics, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and internal medicine, with a specialty of wound care. Jim has a special interest in helping others learn English to improve their medical knowledge, thus helping improve the lives of Mongolians and their healthcare.

Other Teachers participating

Kate Borkowski is a registered nurse and current Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Mongolia (Sukhbaatar Province). She has been working on nursing education, nursing trainings, and health promotion in her hospital and community, and with health organizations throughout the Mongolia.

Advisors help guide the work we is trying to do.

Travis Hellstrom just finished serving three years with the Peace Corps in Mongolia, including working one year as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader working within the World Health Organization. After completing his Peace Corps service, Travis started a social movement called Advance Humanity where he writes weekly articles for everyday humanitarians. He also became founding CEO of the New Media Foundation and co-founder of TEDxUlaanbaatar. He currently lives in the eastern steppe of Mongolia with his wife Tunga.