Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The online games teaching children about their cancer

Originally posted on the BBC on September 4th, 2013

A non-profit company called HopeLab has developed a series of free online games, known as Re-Mission 2, designed to help young people learn about their cancer.

The company spoke to those who had suffered from the disease for ideas about how to make the games more appealing.

HopeLab's research found players were more likely to stick to their treatments and view their chemotherapy treatment as a means of defence rather than an obligation.

Click's Sumi Das finds out more.


Re-Mission 2 games help kids and young adults with cancer take on the fight of their lives. Based on scientific research, the games provide cancer support by giving players a sense of power and control and encouraging treatment adherence.

Each game puts players inside the human body to fight cancer with an arsenal of weapons and super-powers, like chemotherapy, antibiotics and the body’s natural defenses. The game play parallels real-world strategies used to successfully destroy cancer and win.

All six Re-Mission 2 games can be played online. The Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge mobile app is available for download for iOS and Android.


Re-Mission 2 is a project of HopeLab, a nonprofit that harnesses the power and appeal of technology to improve human health and well-being. The games are an evolution of the original Re-Mission, inspired by the vision of HopeLab founder Pam Omidyar to fight cancer with gameplay. All Re-Mission games are designed in collaboration with medical professionals, game developers and – most importantly – young cancer patients. We are deeply grateful for their input and expertise.

Definition List:

  • appealing: attractive or interesting
  • obligation: something which you must do because you have promised, because of a law, etc.
  • adherence: the fact of behaving according to a particular rule, etc, or of following a particular set of beliefs, or a fixed way of doing something
  • arsenal: a collection of weapons
  • strategies: a plans that are intended to achieve a particular purpose
  • collaboration: the act of working with another person or group of people to create or produce something
Pronunciation MP3:
= appealing
= obligation
= adherence
= arsenal
= strategy
= collaboration