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MT-3: More Noun Suffixes

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More Noun Suffixes

-er = one who

     This is an easy one to remember because we use it all the time like with words like painter, waiter, runner, swimmer, and worker.

     radiographer: a person who makes radiographs; specifically an X-ray technician
          = дүрс оношлогооны техникч, рентген зурагчин
          radi/o: radiation, radiative energy
          -graph: image

X-ray Technicians have different other names like X-ray Tech, Radiology Technician or Radiology Technologist, Radiologic Technologist, also known as Medical Radiation Technologist and as Radiographer. They are responsible for taking x rays, CT scans or MRIs or any other diagnostic imagery of a body part or parts on a patient and as per order by the doctor. They are also responsible for maintaining and cleaning of the radiology equipment. They usually work in a department in a facility either in a hospital or a clinic. The job of a radiology technician is not only taking x rays but also must have a knowledge about transporting and transferring of the patients, proper draping techniques for privacy, and proper positioning of the patient so as to get the most accurate and clear x ray images.

-ist = one who

     A “specialist” is a person who is an expert in a particular or “special” area of work or study. Many professions, including medicine, have specialists.

     nephrologist: a doctor concerned with the kidneys = бөөрний эмч {нефролог}
          &nephr/o: kidney

-ia = condition

          leukemia: abnormal increase in the number of white blood cells
           = цус багадалт {лейкемия}
          leuk/o: white
          -emia: condition of the blood

     pneumonia: condition of the lungs where infection causes inflammation in the alveoli and then they fill up with fluid so they can no longer absorb as much oxygen into the body.
          = хатгаа {пневмония}
          pneumon/o: lungs

-ole, -ule = little, small

     arteriole: small artery = артерийн жижиг судас {мелкая артерия}
     venule: small vein = венийн жижиг судас {венула}

          artery = артерийн судас, тараагуур судас {артерия}
          arteriole = артерийн жижиг судас {мелкая артерия}
          capillary = хялгасан судас {капиллярный}
          venule: small vein = венийн жижиг судас {венула}
          vein = хураагуур судас, венийн судас {ключе}

-ium = structure, tissue, membrane, thing

     pericardium: membrane around the heart = зүрхний ойролцоох үнхэлцэг {перикарда}
          peri-: around
          cardi/o: heart

-y = condition, process

     There are quite a few words in everyday English that use the suffix -y, for example: windy, sunny, lucky, sleepy, and rainy.


More Noun Suffixes
-erone who
-istone who
-ole, -ulelittle, small
-um, -iumstructure, tissue, thing
-ycondition, process

New Words:
  • artery = артерийн судас, тараагуур судас {артерия}
  • arteriole: small artery = артерийн жижиг судас {мелкая артерия}
  • capillary = хялгасан судас {капиллярный}
  • venule: small vein = венийн жижиг судас {венула}
  • vein = хураагуур судас, венийн судас {ключе}
  • peritoneum: (noun) = {брюшины}
  • axilla = суганы хонхорхой {подмышечная впадина}
  • armpit = суга {одноименный}

Combining FormsMeaning
cardi/o heart
pneumon/o, pulmon/olungs
radi/oradiation, radiative energy

Medical Terms
  • radiographer: a person who makes radiographs; X-ray technician
  • nephrologist: a doctor concerned with the kidneys
  • leukemia: abnormal increase in the number of white blood cells
  • pneumonia: condition of the lungs where alveoli fill up with fluid
  • arteriole: small artery
  • venule: small vein
  • pericardium: membrane around the heart

Pronunciation Practice
= artery [ar·te·ry]
= arteriole [ar·te·ri·ole]
= capillary [cap·il·la·ry]
= venule [ve·nule]
= vein [vein]
= radiographer [ra·di·og·ra·pher]
= nephrologist [ne·phrol·o·gist]
= leukemia [leu·ke·mia]
= pneumonia [pneu·mo·nia]
= pericardium [pe·ri·car·di·um]

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