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MT-3: Rules for Making Plural Suffixes

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Rules for Making Plural Suffixes

Because we use many words that are based on the Greek or Latin, we follow the rules of these languages in making the plural form of the words. But remember that there are also many commonly used medical terms that follow English rules for making them plural (for example adding -s or -es). Here is a table to help you learn.

-akeep the “a” and add “e”pleurapleurae
-axdrop the “x” and add “ces”thoraxthoraces
-endrop the “en” and add “ina”lumenlumina
-isdrop the “is” and add “es”diagnosisdiagnoses
-ixdrop the “ix” and add “ices”appendixappendices
-exdrop the “ex” and add “ices”apexapices
-makeep the “ma” and add “ta”carcinomacarcinomata
-ondrop the “on” and add “a”ganglionganglia
-umdrop the “um” and add “a”bacteriumbacteria
-usdrop the “us” and add “i”bronchusbronchi
-ydrop the “y” and add “ies”deformitydeformities

But according to some dictionaries, since the words are now part of the English language, many can also use the English method of making plurals by adding -s or -es.


New Words
  • pleura = цээжний гялтан {плевры}
  • thorax = хэнхэрцэг {грудной}
  • lumen = люмен
  • diagnosis = оношилгоо {диагностики}
  • appendix = мухар олгой {добавление}
  • apex = дээд хэсэг {вершина}
  • carcinoma = өмөн үү, хорт хавдар {карцинома}
  • ganglion = мэдрэлийн эс {нервный узел}
  • bacterium = бактери, микроб, нян {бактерии}
  • bronchus = мөгөөрсөн хоолой {бронхов}
  • deformity = зэрэмдэг, гажиг {искривления}
Pronunciation Practice:
= pleura [pleu·ra]
= pleurae [pleu·rae]
= thorax [tho·rax]
= thoraces [tho·ra·ces]
= lumen [lu·men]
= lumina [lu·mi·na]
= diagnosis [di·ag·no·sis]
= diagnoses [di·ag·no·ses]
= appendix [ap·pen·dix]
= appendices [ap·pen·di·ces]
= apex [a·pex]
= apices [a·pi·ces]
= carcinoma [car·ci·no·ma]
= carcinomata [car·ci·no·ma·ta]
= ganglion [gan·gli·on]
= ganglia [gan·gli·a]
= bacterium [bac·te·ri·um]
= bacteria [bac·te·ri·a]
= bronchus [bron·chus]
= bronchi [bron·chi]
= deformity [de·for·mi·ty]

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