Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TERM: Human immunodeficiency virus, HIV

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) [Хүний дархлал хомсдолын вирус] is a type of virus called a retrovirus, which infects the human immune system (the system in the body which is in charge of fighting off illness). HIV may cause AIDS (a collection of diseases and symptoms, or problems in the body) by eventually killing the white blood cells, which a healthy body uses to fight off disease.

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Word List:
  • retrovirus [ретровиррус]: any virus which copies itself as part of the cell's DNA by reverse transcribing its RNA. Since the cell cannot proofread the step in which RNA is converted back to DNA, errors often go unnoticed. This makes the exact sequence of a retrovirus's RNA change often. This makes it harder for retroviruses to be attacked by drugs

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HIV (Wikipedia - Simple English)
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