Friday, May 18, 2012

Free Online Medical Classes

Originally posted on titled: Plan Your Free Online Education at Lifehacker U

This short list of available health-related courses this summer will inspire you, challenge you, open the door to something new, and give you the tools to improve your life.

Science and Medicine
Principles of Human Nutrition at Johns Hopkins University - Professor Benjamin Caballero - Before you sign on with the latest diet craze, take some time to develop an understanding of human nutrition from start to finish. Topics in the course include where to get the essential nutrients for the body to remain healthy, how daily recommended intake levels are calculated, why proper nutrition is so important, and the varying signs of malnutrition, and how diet plays a role in the development of long-term illnesses and other chronic conditions.

BIMM 134: The Biology of Cancer at the University of California, San Diego - Dr. Jean Wang walks through the biological underpinnings of cancer, the various types of cancer, the various treatments and wide array of research being done into even the most specific types of cancer, and why cancer is so tough to beat. The course is distributed as a podcast you can subscribe to, and while some prior knowledge of biology will be extremely helpful, you'll be able to pick up a lot without it.

Sexual Health, HIV/STI, and Human Rights at Johns Hopkins University - Professor Chris Beyrer's course walks through the delicate intersection between human rights, sexual health, sexually transmitted disease, and how public policy and governments around the world attempt to influence all of those conditions. For example, he discusses how global improvements in human rights at home and abroad can make significant inroads to fighting sexually transmitted infections, and how repressive governments and communities may be doing more harm than good by stigmatizing sexual health, education, and medicine.